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Little Angels Facebook page

The British Club of the Taunus

Metropolitan School
English spoken school with German roots.PYP and world IBO status.  A growing school from age 3 onwards.

The Little Taunus Bookshop
Your English bookshop in Oberursel.  Also English greeting cards and wrapping paper.

Toytown Germany.  English-language community website with discussion forum.


TIMS.  The Montessori school for ages 3 to 6


A Taste of Britain - finest English food and gifts


For questions about availability, please contact us. The playgroup is located in Oberursel running Monday to Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 9:15a.m and 01.00 p.m. Activities include free play, creative arts and crafts, music and dance, reading books, story-time, singing, playdoh, physical play and in summer outdoor activities including sand and water etc. We have a small winter garden, a large summer garden and park close by. A snack is also provided.   


New artwork and photos available here !


Acknowledgements : copyright 2006-2010.  Thanks to all the children of Little Angels and a special thankyou to Ella for the artwork